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Sandra Bullock Sells Former Love Nest

Sandra Bullock has sold the love nest she shared with her ex-husband Jesse James for $4.5 million. The home, situated in Sunset Beach, Calif., was first listed in April for $5,995,000 back in April. The sale caps a tumultuous year for the box-office star. While she won her first Oscar for The Blind Side, she … Continue reading

GMAC Can Sell Foreclosed Homes in Maine After Judge Rejects Homeowner Bid

GMAC Mortgage LLC, after defeating a bid by homeowners in Maine who sought a federal court order blocking sales and evictions, can sell foreclosed homes in the state. U.S. District Judge D. Brock Hornby, at a hearing yesterday in Portland, Maine, declined to grant a temporary restraining order that a plaintiff’s lawyer said would have … Continue reading

Betty White Honored Today

HOLLYWOOD—On Saturday entertainment industry giants and stars will honor the beautiful, talented and prolific actress Betty White in Universal City with a special award. We will all entertain the ever youthful Betty on Saturday morning and throughout the afternoon, and her cast from TV Land’s “Hot in Cleveland” will be in attendance, as well as … Continue reading

Mortgage Applications Fail to Gain Yardage

The big game isn’t over yet, but the score is up against new mortgage applications. Some 12.9 percent fewer new mortgages were initiated in the week ending Jan. 21 than in the previous week, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association. Mortgage refinances declined the most dramatically, 15.3 percent, and fell to a level not seen … Continue reading

Water Rights Are Not Civil

As the Mormon pioneers settled the area that became Utah, they parked their wagons wherever a canyon stream emerged from the mountains and meandered into the adjoining valleys. Then they set to work to alter Mother Nature’s existing channels with numerous irrigation ditches that would direct the flows, such as they were, onto additional areas … Continue reading

Golden Paper

The Government, meaning our elected lawmakers, have decided to reward home buyers with some of the paper printing that is currently all the rage in Washington. $8000, if you buy a home this year, will be applied to taxes owed, or simply mailed to you if you owe less than that amount. If you stay … Continue reading

The New Land Barons

The old land barons have gone bust, but a whole new batch of rising entrepreuners are emerging. They have a world wide market for their product, and every single item is unique. What product offers a unique version for each specific product that is promoted and sold? Real estate. And what kind of real estate … Continue reading

New Gold in Southern Utah

Southern Utah has a rich history regarding natural resources. The early Mormon pioneers were sent down from original settlements in the Salt Lake Valley to present day Iron County to procure iron from the rich ore deposits located west of Cedar City. Mining continued to produce quality iron until late in the 1970’s when metals … Continue reading

Homesteading With Chickens

Homesteading is the new way of living today.  People are fleeing the cities and even suburbia living and trying to find their own little piece of heaven.  Despite what you read, it’s still room in the west.  From Texas, to Arizona, Utah and California, even Oregon, there are still great places to live, a chance … Continue reading

Cosmic’s Ghostly Christmas Encounter Part II

On the first installment of “Cosmic’s Adventure” it ended just as Cosmic and his rabbit Casper were drinking water out of a crystal clear Utah spring and a mountain lion was looming around the vista ready to pounce on what he considers his prey.  Just as the mountain lion creeps down the embankment to jump … Continue reading

Remembering Clint Walker, An Exclusive‏

  Whenever I am around western fans, I get asked about my godfather and friend Clint Walker, who was the biggest Western Star on television for several years during the 1950s, when he starred on ABC in WB’s “Cheyenne.” Here is an interview that I did last year with Clint.  But it remains inspiring to … Continue reading

An Answer To Ranchers Dealing With Hoof Thrush‏

TOPANGA CANYON—Catching up with former “The Young and the Restless” star and author Heath Kizzier is always fun. This week Canyon News spoke exclusively with the man who adds entrepreneur to his resume. Kizzier has been busy with a brand new product that is exciting to the horse world. Meet the man, who went from … Continue reading

Chickens in Beverly Hills Make Great Pets

LOS ANGELES—Beverly Hills never looked so green. Maybe it’s the rain that’s been pouring down this winter or maybe it’s the chickens nestled behind a few mansions and even in West Hollywood, Brentwood, and Santa Monica. No, Los Angeles is not turning into the chicken capitol like Key West, Florida. But many people have figured … Continue reading

Family Dobes Foundation For Violent Crime Victims and Other Service Dogs

PAYSON, UTAH-Hollywood stars, big and small, all struggle with the attention, glare, and intrusion of people into their lives. We all remember the famous faces in Tinseltown who either were harassed, stalked, or even murdered by deranged fans and mentally ill people among us. Britney Spears a few months ago purchased two German Shepherds at … Continue reading

“Most German Shepherds will protect their family purely on natural instinct”

My friend Kimberly with von Hayden German Shepherds recently sat down with me to discuss her dogs, her breeding style and also, some of her working dogs, which often find homes in law enforcement circles.  They have placed dogs in a variety of venues: As Family, Therapy, Agility, Obedience, Show dogs, and AKC Sports dogs. … Continue reading


 BEVERLY HILLS—Thanks to Kristel and Peter with Rush For USA Land for allowing me the opportunity to introduce myself and to hopefully engage and entertain some of the visitors to this site.  What makes USA land so popular with people is that it’s truly an American dream to own a piece of this great … Continue reading